More help is being given to employers in Canada seeking to recruit worker from abroad for both permanent and temporary positions.

They can now access more information online about Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) programmes as part of a government commitment to make sure the best people are selected for jobs.
‘The economy and job growth remain the number one priority of the government. Labour shortages are becoming a growing problem in many regions, and this website will help employers access information that will help them hire permanent or temporary foreign workers when no Canadians are able to fill a position,’ said Citizenship and Immigration Minister Jason Kenney.
Employers can learn the steps involved in hiring temporary foreign workers, helping to bring a worker to Canada permanently and hiring international students studying in Canada.

In addition to the enhanced website, the department is reaching out directly to employers through public consultations.
‘Immigration is becoming increasingly important to meeting our labour market needs. I want to strengthen the partnership with employers to ensure our economic immigration programme better meets the needs of our economy,’ explained Kenney.
It also points out that new applications should be finalised within six to 12 months and priority is given to applicants with arranged employment.

Although the foreign worker is responsible for the application process, employers can significantly improve the chances of having an application approved by making a qualifying job offer in a skilled occupation.

CIC currently has an annual cap of 10,000 new Federal Skilled Worker applications and sub-caps of 500 for each of the 29 occupations but applicants with qualifying job offers are not affected by the cap.