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Currently we are planning to apply Canada express entry but we don't know much information.
My wife will be the main applicant.
Below are her information:
Age : 31(born in 1986)
IELTS : L:8 R:8.5 R:7 S:7
Education : She has Bachelor degree and graduate diploma from Singapore.
She has 5 years working experience as software engineer in Singapore.

So I believe for herself she can get 428 based on this.

For me

I am schedule to sit for IELTS on 28/10/2017.
My wife will sit together with me too. Just to see whether she can get higher score or not.
My education is 3 years diploma course.
I am currently working as Systems Engineer in Singapore and already have 5 years and 5 months experience.

So based on all this information I believe we are eligible for express entry.
May I know how to create express entry profile and what are the requirements or documents to create.
I tested and so far I do not see any options to upload any of the documents.
Is ECA need to be ready before I can submit express entry?

Thank you so much.
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