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Hi Everybody.

Two days ago my husband received a positive results from Vetassess as a Teacher of English to Speakers of Other Languages ANZSCO Code 249311 . We had problems with a lawyer who was preparing documents for Vetassess. I have a question - can you recommend a good lawyer around Sydney for Expression of Interest and State Sponsorship as so far South Australia is still showing a Low Availability for for this occupation.

We are totally inexperienced, we don't know even where we should start and time is ticking .
Yesterday we contacted with 3 different agents and first is on holiday, second send us an information that they do not complete the state sponsorship forms, and the last one said that we don't have a chance for State Sponsorship in South Australia if we don't live and work there. He said that we have to move there and work full time at least 3 month to be able to send EOI. At that moment we allowed to work only 20 hours per week and until 3 month they will definitely close TESOL on the list .

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