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This is a weird query. I'm an Aussie citizen but have lived and worked in the UK now for 30+ years. I've applied for a short-term job in Australia (1 year initially, maybe a bit longer) so my wife and I can look around at leisure before I take state pension in the UK. I have two possible problems:

1. My wife has rheumatoid arthritis and is on serious medication. She'll probably try to arrange a bulk pickup of medications before coming out and then come back a couple of times during the year and do the same again before coming back out. We're hoping the GPs here will sign her off for doing that. Question is, are there any problems we could face if she needs any emergency care while we're in Aus?

2. I've just (today) found that I may have a circulation problem and am due to have some blood tests and an ultrasound scan. I've not got dates for those but am hoping they can be done before I leave in about 3 weeks. Doc says they'll likely come back clean since there's only one indicator but what would be my situation in Aus if I need treatment for whatever is found? And should I drop the idea of coming back for that long and just stay in the UK? (I'd have to tell the company I'm hiring into that I'm backing out of the job but I'm sure they'd rather know now than just before I'm due to leave here.)

As a citizen you can go to Australia and live and your health is of no issuse because you are entitled to medicare and centrelink payments regardless of how long you have been out of the country.

You need to sponsor you wife for this visa Partner Visa: Offshore Temporary and Permanent (Subclasses 309 and 100) Although if you have been married for more than 3 years she will get permanent residence straight away and wont go on the temp visa.

She would need to have a medical and satisfy the health requirements but arthritis wouldnt usually be a bar to migration. There are also health waivers for spouse visas to allow people to be granted visas who would otherwise be denied due to their health. But I have epilepsy, have had brain surgery and take medication and I got my visa. I suggest speaking to her consultant or GP and getting a letter to enclose with your application saying what her condition is and prognosis. That she wouldnt need major surgery etc (which would cost Australia and what they are trying to avoid)

You should know though your wife may get a 3/6 month supply to take with her if she is lucky. My GP only gave me 2 months worth. Once she has left the country she can not simply pop back to get medication she would need to be registered with a GP and be resident in the UK to get an NHS prescription.
But unless the medication is especially expensive, most drugs are not, it should not be an issue. If it appears on the PBS list it would only be between $5.50 & $25 Your prescriptions - Medicare Australia

And if you are on a low income or pensioners you might get a health care card meaning all medicines will cost about $5.50 Health Care Cards

Once she has her visa she is entitled to medicare just like you and would get emergency and long term regular care from her GP.

Though depending on how old your wife is and how long you lived in Australia for you might not get a pension from Australia because 10 years residence is required. Age Pension

Good luck with it all.
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