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In context, they are the same long stay visa with some differences in the requirements to submit to the embassy.

The one that I'm truly avoiding is the proof of funds (it's insanely expensive!), I want to study in Paris and I know I can afford it, I've got a student loan to back me up which pays for the tuition fees (only the tution fees however) the school has it's own boarding house which is cheap and therefore awesome, so I know I can afford to live in Paris, I speak French too so I'm pretty sure I can get a 20 hr per week job, that can cover my other needs.

Anyway, has anyone ever done that? or did they really have to go back? (I know someone who has but for the life of me, she doesn't care to talk about it haha)

I'm a Filipino living in the UAE, btw, cause I know that bit of information matters.

Thanks everyone!
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