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Hi All,

I want to apply for skill assessment as part of applying for 189 visa. I am unsure whether i should go with ACS or EA.
my current designation is Software Engineer but i did my Bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering as a lateral entry (3 Years, direct admission to 2nd year).

I need only 5 points for my experience as i have 55 points from others (30 Points for Age, 10 Points for PTE-A 65 each, 15 Points for Bachelors degree)

Please see the subjects in my Engineering below.

B.Tech 2nd Year 1st Semester
Mathematics – 3
Fluid Mechanics & Hydraulic Machinery
Pulse & Digital Circuits
Switching Theory & Logic Design
Electromagnetic Fields
Electrical Machines -1
Fluid Mechanics & Hydraulic Machinery Lab
Electrical Circuits Lab

B.Tech 2nd Year 2nd Semester
Managerial Economics & Financial Analysis
Environmental Studies
Linear & Digital IC Applications
Power Systems -1
Electrical Machines – 2
Control Systems
IC & Pulse Digital Circuits Lab
Electrical Machines Lab -1

B.Tech 3rd Year 1st Semester
Computer Organization
Electrical Measurements
Power Systems -2
Power Electronics
Electrical Machines – 3
Linear & Discrete System Analysis
Electrical Machines Lab -2
Control Systems Lab

B.Tech 3rd Year 2nd Semester
Digital Signal Processing
Microprocessors & Micro Controller
Management Science
Switchgear & Protection
High Voltage Engineering
Electrical Measurements Lab
Power Electronics Lab

B.Tech 4th Year 1st Semester
Neural Networks and Fuzzy logic
Power Semiconductor drives
Power system analysis
Power system operation & control
Non-conventional sources of Energy
Electrical Distribution Systems
Microprocessors & Microcontrollers
Simulation of Electrical Systems Lab

B.Tech 4th Year 2nd Semester
Utilization of electrical energy
HVDC Transmission
Database Management systems
Industry oriented mini project
Project Work

can anyone please advice which would be good for me to get a positive outcome, ACS or EA.

Thanks in Advance.

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And your nominated occupation would be? Software Engineer I suppose. In that case, you have to go to ACS. To which assessing organization you approach depends on your occupation code. This page lists out all the occupations and the assessing authorities: https://www.immi.gov.au/Work/Pages/skilled-occupations-lists/sol.aspx

If ACS does not assess your EE degree, you will have to get it assessed from the relevant authority (EA, I guess) to be able to gain 15 points for it. This too depends on how the degree is recognized. If comparable to Australan Bachelors or Masters then 15 points. If comparable to Diploma then 10 points.

You will gain 5 points for employment only if ACS awards you 3+ years of skilled experience.
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