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How can i calculate my points now

How i got 65, when i lodged visa

Bachlor degree in computer science (from india) - 15
IELTS 7 - 10
Age less than 32 - 30
experience - 7.0 years when i applied acs -10

Now I have more than 8 years experience now so can claim additional 5 points. However i had lodged Visa before i claimed it coz i had to change company and did not have resignation letter at the time to submit and got few days back, and to avoid future issues , i retained with what i have as i was eligible any ways. now i am regretting due to reduction in experience experienced by few people.

Now the new rules and reduction of experience is bothering me. Can some one advice what can i presume of my fate. Also when can i expect them to break the ice. I lodged on AUgust 2nd, and my EOI expired on Aug 31( with calculation of 2 months from EOI). i attached all docs except pcc and medicals. these 2 i can get in couple of days from now.

Please advice if you are aware of new rules. and is CO assigned will take place in 8 weeks from EOI expirations.
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