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Hi, the seller will not avoid any fees by spointing a POA, it can just be alot more convienient to outside investors to sign on behalf of the seller. Yes an agent can be used to act as POA as long as they have checked that all proof ofownership is inplace and correct. You can makean mou direct with an owner yourself and you will save money but by taking this route you will need to know all the relevant steps to complete the transsction. It is advised that you find an agent you feel happy with and allow them to take care of all the paperwork and oversee the transaction as many things can occur and stall the process.

If you do take the route of dealing direct then i advise you to read the agreement properly that you have negotiated and signed as with puting forward a deposit you could face loosing this and especially even more so giving 10% of the purchase price directly to the seller as you have no middle man holding on your behalf.

Goid luck


1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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