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Hi all, I am very interested in buying a second-hand sailboat (around Valencia) and have been looking into what paper work may be required.

Two issues I hope someone more experienced than me can help with:

1. Sailing license

I understand that up until recently everyone wishing to sail a boat in Spain was required to get a Spanish license - requiring both a practical and a theoretical test performed entirely and only in Spanish. My level of Spanish is not good enough for this.

However, it seems that Spain will now (since 2014) accept certain foreign sailing licenses and that you can have this license approved and confirmed by the Spanish authorities.

Source here: Confirm your National Sailing License! – Costa Blanca Yacht Association
And list of accepted licenses here: http://www.nauticafacil.com/docs/titulos_de_otros_paises.pdf

Does anyone have experience with this?

I am Danish, and my Danish license isn't actually on that list, but neither is the country, so I am guessing it could be because I'm the first person wishing to have a Danish license approved here. It's a small country after all.

2. Sailing under a different flag

If (1) should fail, it seems that boats in Spain are now allowed (since 2011) to sail under a foreign flag, and that if the captain of the boat is from the same country as the flag, then it is the license regulations of that country that apply.

This would mean that I would be allowed to sail my boat here in Spain, under a Danish flag with my Danish license, regardless of whether or not Spain approves that license.

Source: ¿Puede España regular qui?n puede ser patr?n de un yate belga? | De costa a costa | Nauta 360

Does anyone have experience with doing something like this?

(Denmark doesn't actually require a license to sail a boat, but that is a different story. I have one anyway as it helps with insurance and other things.)

Hope someone can help,

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