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Buying a holiday home

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I am sure that this query has been covered in several posts previously, but after a quick search i cannot seem to find any suitable answers.

I am seriously looking at buying a holiday property in Cyprus (3 bed villa with pool in Paphos / west coast area) for personal use and short periods of rental. I would appreciate any feedback / advice on the following:

- What would be the average price of this type of property?
- Are there bargains / deals to be had?
- Have prices stabilised or still falling?
- What are the average running costs for this sort of property?
- I know a pool is essential, but what are the running costs?
- Is it cost effective to 'shut down' the pool during winter?
- What are the average rental charges for this type of property?

Any general advice, do's and dont's, etc would also be greatly welcomed.

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Just get your own survery done on the property, your own lawyer which I would ask around about - people will be more than happy to tell you who you shouldn't use and do your research as you already are and you should be fine.

There are villas like what you mentioned in small complexes of 4-6 villas that have communal pools which may be easier than shutting down in winter and it can be a nice way to socialize with neighbors.
1 - 1 of 42 Posts
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