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But what does this mean?

Hi All! I’d love for someone how may have encountered the same problem to see if they can help.
I live with my fiancé and have applied for a prospective marriage visa. We have been together for over two and a half years.

We have given the embassy all the forms needed and even more – joint pics, a contract we both got a car together and the rent agreement + joint address, 3 friends declarations…

We were supposed to get married this November in Australia , we haven’t heard a reply yet. Since we've submitted it’s been almost six months… no Medical, nor a police clearance, nothing!

We've sent a mail asking to the progress a month ago and got a “wait 12 months” reply,
We couldn't help it and sent another mail this Friday.

Can anyone assume why it’s taking so long? I know the max waiting period is 12 months but everyone I ask waited much less.
We really need to get to Australia, we have both been offered really good positions, and we’re stuck!

Thank you for any help or advice!!:):fingerscrossed::thumb::confused::confused:

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Hi chinchen,

what country is your fiancé from? One thing that can significantly delay processing are the dreaded "external security checks". The problem is often not with the Australian immigration department or the external agencies but with your partner's home country. Some are not that keen or prompt to share data with Australia. Applicants from certain African states regularly wait more than a year for their partner/prospective marriage visas to be granted because their governments are taking ages to reply to queries from the Australian authorities. You can complain if security checking takes more than 12 months but before that there is nothing you can do except wait, sorry.

All the best,
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