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Budgeting for living costs!

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Hi Everyone,
would you be able to tell me approximately how much you spend on the following, as I am working on a budget spreadsheet for monthly living in London for my husband and myself.
Gas and Electricity
Rubbish Removal

Looking to guesstimate what it would cost for a 1-2 bed apartment or house near Slough, Canary Wharf- so not city centre but not far out either!
TIA :)
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Thanks Nyclon.
I should have put a slash on areas to live- I am aware they are nowhere near each other, but it is silly to go on a forum and ask about living costs with no indicator of where you will be.
Thanks for the sites, had a look at quite a few already..
Just trying to get a real life worldview with actual figures.
Thanks for your time!
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