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Regulars of the Brittany Ferries car ferry ( from UK to Spain ) have no doubt been
bemused by the sheer number of Sports cars, Race Cars and Classic cars that
regularly make the crossing ( at certain times of the year ) from Portsmouth to
So much so - that it's becoming a bit of an event ( for those in the know ) who
can time their crossings to Spain, to coincide with say a Classic car tour of Spain
or cars travelling via Spain to meet up at this years 24 hour Le Mans.

Fridays ferry from Portsmouth to Santander aboard the Cap Finistere, being a
typical example of Classic Cars and at least 2 - 24 Hour Le Mans Race Cars,
coming aboard the Cap Finistere enroute to Santander. So plenty of time to
check out the cars while waiting to board the Ferry with a closer look on the
Cap Finistere car deck before retiring to chat to the drivers concerned, at the
bar later on. What a perfect way to start your trip to Spain !!!

The only thing missing ( as James May would say ) was a Model T Ford which,
low and behold - I found sedately motoring the other way ( to catch the Ferry
to the UK ) as I left Santander.

Finally you wouldn't believe the number of British Classic cars driving along
the A-8 from Santander yesterday. Complete with their old Black and Silver
( pre 1973 ) registration plates. There was probably more on the road that
day - than you would see during a typical episode of Foyles War.

Which begs the question - I wonder whether Traffico would let you keep
the old British registration plates, if you converted a British Classic car
to Spanish registration ?
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