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I'm a British citizen, married to my Venezuelan wife, and she came to the UK on a marriage visitor visa.
I do not have a job earinng over £22,400/year to fulfil the UK spouse visa requirements.

I am now in SPAIN, trying to find work,

My question is, does my wife still need a visa to enter Spain, or can she travel there freely as the wife of a European citizen?

Also, I may try IRELAND. Will she need a visa to join me there too, or is it not required (as shes's the wife of a European citizen)?

Obviously, we love each other, and want to be together.... wherever it may be.

Your help is appreciated.

I can only tell you the situation for Spain.

Your wife can enter Spain without a visa as a Venezuelan citizen.

You need to register as resident as an EU citizen exercising treaty rights. The Spanish govt. requires that you do this within 90 days. You have to prove that you can support yourself, either with savings & private healthcare, or with a contracted job. (Assuming you aren't in receipt of a state pension fron the UK)

Once you have done that, your wife can apply for residency as your spouse. She has to do this within 90 days of her arrival. Once the application is in, she can stay here with you.

You will have to prove that you can support her & that she has access to healthcare. You will also need your marriage cert. It will need to be apostilled & perhaps also translated into Spanish.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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