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Dear Forum,
I lurked a bit around before posting this thread and i would like to share with you my story and get some advices if possible.

I am Italian Engineer and i already came to Australia on work and holiday visa few years ago, so i am already familiar with Australia in general and i have been very well here.

At that time i felt i wanted to come back to my country but later i left again to explore Asia.

I am now in Indonesia since June 2011 and i have been offered a visa 457 from an person i know since years in Australia and mantained friendly relation and cooperation with, that would like to employ me now.

That's good for me, i have a good position here but had enough of Jakarta, so i will be very happy to come back to Oz and eventually settle down here as PR subsequently.

The only thing is that i met a lady here, Indonesian and we are going very well togheter since months.

She is in the tourism field, certified perfect english and very good education.

The plan would be eventually this, i will come and start work, then after a couple of months she will come with a work and holiday visa.

This will allow her to stay and get some casual jobs and see if she feels good in Oz.

The further plan is, if everything is ok, to get married.

At this point i would like to ask you if you experienced any problem in adding a spouse on your 457 visa after it has been granted.

I would like to include her, after six/nine months, so she can maybe start a long term job, that with a work and holiday visa is not possible to obtain.

i wish to thank you all in advance!

ciao ciao

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