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I'm sorting and preparing all papers and realising after reading posts that I'm probably sending the minimum docs.

I mean for partnership though it says marriage certificate on the list I included a newly issued original one plus our pictures , kids original birth certificates, research work that my spouse and I work on , former letter ftlm employer stating my partner and i live together at the same address since there are no utility bills or anything for that matter in my spouses name since I'm a new expat now...

I even included highly skilled jobs that I applied for (email awknowledgments from the employers)

I added my spouse's copy of student ids from her BSc years to her current PhD university ID , letter from the uni that the PHd will becesrned by no later than april 2014 from uk and spouse's Résumé too.

I'm just adding and adding. Esp since it is the SCM I'm applying for , skilled ppl is what they want.

Just sharing my ITA document diary with u all. :)

I'm hoping to submit late next week.
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