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Booked and Ready...Almost

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Dear all

I finally plucked up the courage on Sunday and went into the Travel Agents and booked my flight to Melbourne for June. I have my visa etc all sorted, so basically just looking for some information on Phones and Banks.

I have a iPhone and I would like to take it with me a continue on the Pay and Go that I have, will this be possible to do? and can anyone tell me what Mobile Phone companies are over in OZ?

Also I will need to setup a bank account, can anyone point me in the direction of what are the main banks in OZ also...

Kindest Regards

Andy (slightly ****ting himself now at the prospect of only having a one way, but super excited too :) )
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Hi Andy, Congratulations.
We're hoping to fly over by 18th Jan. We've opened an account with National Bank of Australia and were posted our account information, it was very straightforward and easy. Although the account is we have 12 months from initial set up to activate it so all we need to do is pop into the branch and show passport etc to activate it. There are many other banks that others have used so will be worth looking into them all before you decide. As for IPhone, I also want to be able to use mine in OZ and have spoken with a few people as I need to get it unblocked 1st so that it can use any sim. Let me know how you get on with your phone as in the same boat.

take care
Xx Satty
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