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I have submitted my online application for 175 on 25 May, 2012. Though I reside in Bangladesh, I was born in Denmark.
And in my passport, Birth place is written as Copenhagen, Denmark. I've a Birth Certificate from "The Danish National Church" issued for unnamed boy written in Danish which has only the name of my Father & Mother and unfortunately my father's and mother's name were not exactly matched with the passport.

Father's name @ my Birth Certificate: Mohammad Abdul Awal
Father's name @ my Passport: Md Abdul Awal

Mother's name @ Birth Certificate: Shahina Awal
Mother's name @ my Passport: Shahina Zabin

Considering the situation, I've planned to upload the following documents under the "Birth certificate or other evidence of age". Would anyone plz check whether my plan would be ok or not

1. Certified copy of the Danish Birth Certificate

2. Danish to English translation of this Certificate by mentioning "Translated by Google translator" [It's not possible to find any official translator in Bangladesh who can translate a Danish paper. And I'm also not sure whether this paper will be certified by a notary public. Will it be a issue if this paper is not certified?]

3. affidavit copy where it'll be mentioned that "Mohammad Abdul Awal" & "Md Abdul Awal" and "Shahina Awal" & "Shahina Zabin" are the same person those are mentioned on the birth certificate. [Is this document really required?]

4. Photocopy of the personal detail page of my passport where my birth place, date & parents' names are mentioned

Now, what will I do? Do I really need to submit all these 4 documents as "proof of age" or only No. 4 will be sufficient enough?

Waiting for the help.

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