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Hello everyone!

I thought I would wait until my visa application process was finished to update you with my outcome :)

Before I applied I was really worried about the financial requirements because despite the fact that we met them, my husband had his salary paid on one of his mortgages account. The problem here was that that account was a joint account with the ex girlfriend.

Long story short, there wasn't a problem at all. He does have this mortgage account joint with his ex but this is not the property where he/we live anymore so, in our case, we had to show that joint account and also his savings account (both for the past 6 months) where you can see that every month its automatically passed, from one account to another, the same amount of money for our monthly living expenses.

We showed that and all the extra documentation and we got our leave to remain granted.

We used the Premium Service, and as a mortal soul that I am, I made the same mistake many make and paid my HealthCare Surcharge before filling the Premium Service details online so had to pay again (from the Premium Service site) and once in the Home Office Center in Croydon I got the refund for the extra payment.

I got my passport back and today, exactly 4 working days after my application in person, I received my BRP.

My intercom wasn't working so I sent an email to [email protected] explaining my situation and they responded with my tracking number so that I can check my delivery with DX and so I did. No problems at all, they called me once they were at my door and got my card.

Everything went better and faster than expected, Im very happy for it.

The tip I would offer though is that if you are applying from Croydon try and set the earliest appointment you can set, I waited for 5 hours (got there at 1:30 and left at 6:15), I've heard that when applying in the morning the process take up to 90 minutes, it was supposed to take that time with me also but no, so yes, try and get it in the morning.

Regarding the supporting documentation:

- Both passports
- Wedding Certificate
- Health Care Surcharge
- 6 Payslips
- 6 bank balances
- 6 mortgage account statements
- Letter explaining what happened
- Council Tax
- p60
- Tax returns
- Proof of address
- Proof of relationship

And that was it.

The documentation is just a reference because every person is a different case but if it can help than Im glad.

This forum is better than hiring a lawyer or paying extra money for a thing that we can actually do by ourselves, we just needed help and this was definitely the place to get it, I am really happy.

Thanks to everyone that helped. Have a great week!
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