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Best way to get a job in Adu Dhabi?

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Following a recent holiday to the UAE I am keen to relocate to Abu Dhabi with my wife and kids. I'm prepared my CV and I ready to start applying for jobs. I've registered with various sites (bayt, etc) and applied for a few jobs through them (it doesn't look like applications move at a fast pace in the UAE as I initally applied over a week ago and my application hasn't even been viewed yet!).

However, my question is around recuitment agencies. Are there recruitment agencies in AD that work in a similar way to the UK? IE you send your CV to them and they will actively try to find a suitable job for you (along with the persistent calls)?

I'm an IT professional currently working as a Solution Architect in the financial sector so any agencies that specialise in IT jobs would be preferable.

Does anyone have any advice or recomendations?

Any and all help will be greatly appreciated.


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can you help me to get a job in Abudhabi , if u can help me please contact me by : [email protected]
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