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Hi there,

Where is the best place to live near Sunnyvale. Our family is moving for work , 2 parents, 2 young kids (1& 3) and maybe a dog.

We would like to be near fixed rail and I ride a bike mostly so within 16 mile woudl be good. We currently live in the middle of a national park so we woudl love to be close to nature if possible.

I know I am asking a lot nature and rail, bike to work but far enough away to be away from people.

Los Altos foot hills could be good? hard to tell from Google maps though.


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Why not Sunnyvale? I lived there for 7 years before moving over here to Europe and I thought I was in the best town in Silicon Valley. OK, I've been away a while and I know things have changed, but it's still a great place to live by all accounts.

This is the town government website: City of Sunnyvale: Home They have lots going on - a town sponsored theater group, farmers markets, open town council meetings.
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