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Best French Language Qualification?

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What's the best french language certificate for high-level professionals in France? I'm a project manager in financial IT and need something on my CV ahead of a move to Paris next year.

Having had a brief look I can see there are a few on offer. Can anyone with experience shed light on these?:

Ministry of Education Certificates

Diplôme Approfondi de Langue Française (DALF)
Diplôme d'Études en Langue Française (DELF)
Test de Connaissance du Français (TCF)

Alliance Franaise Certificates

Diplôme Supérieur d'Études Françaises Modernes (DS)
Diplme d'Aptitude l'Enseignement du Franais Langue trangre (DAEFLE)
Diplôme Supérieur d'Études Commerciales (DSEC)
Diplôme de Langue (DL)
Diplôme Supérieur de Langue et Culture Française (DSLCF)
Diplôme de Hautes Études Françaises (DHEF)
Certificat d'Études de Français Pratique2 (CEFP2)
Certificat d'Études de Français Pratique1 (CEFP1)

Paris Chamber of Commerce (CCIP) Certificates

Certificat de Franais Juridique (CFJ)
Certificat de Français du Secrétariat (CFS)
Certificat de Français Scientifique et Technique (CFST)
Certificat de Français du Tourisme et de l'Hôtellerie (CFTH)
Diplôme de Français des Affaires 1er degré (DFA 1)
Diplôme de Français des Affaires 2ème degré (DFA 2)
Diplme Approfondi de Franais des Affaires (DAFA)
Test d'Évaluation de Français (TEF)

University Certificates

Diplôme de Langue et Littérature Françaises – 2e degré
Diplôme Supérieur d'Études Fançaises - 3ème degré
Certificat Pratique de Langue Française – 1e degré

More Certificates

UNIcert French
BULATS - French (Business Language Testing Service)
Test de Franais International (TFI)
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Our children are going through the DELF exams at school and have only just taken their B1 after having been at school in France for four years and obviously they are pretty fluent but in their own environment - language outside the school environment can sometimes still confuse them. Do they just continue to take an exam each year if they continue to pass it? I ask because they noticed this year that not all the children that sat the A2 test were with them for the B1, even though they mostly passed last year's A2.
After reading this thread and others I thought the B1 might be a bit low for their level but I found an equivalency table which says its equal to an A level so that doesn't sound too bad! Reading about the expectations and what my sons did the other day though, it sounds like they did more of the B2 specification since they did a lot of arguing. Their convocation was only for the B1 though. I guess I'll have to make sure they're listed to do the B2 next year if it is possible and don't get missed as the other children seem to have been. I'm wondering if it depends upon what marks they attain at each level.....
Yes I saw that on the A2 certificate my youngest got last year - the oldest did the B1 exam along with him this year and its the first he has done. I think when they asked if I wanted them put in for it this year they asked what level had been attained and what did I want to put them in for. I naturally put the next level on from what my youngest had already done for both of them as it seemed silly to put the oldest (who is more talkative and fluent) in for the lower levels. When I asked the teachers about it they didn't seem to know much about it.
They don't take a class for it. They are in full time French school studying all subjects in French so they are put in for the exams, assuming they will be at that level by now. My youngest did A1 in primaire and then A2 in 6eme and has just done B1 in 5eme. After I asked why he hadn't done the exams, the eldest joined him for the B1, having not done the earlier exams because I said he should take the same level as his brother this year. Nobody seems to know why the eldest hasn't done one of these exams before this year.
The teacher said something about how it is good for them to have because they are foreign and if their brevet marks weren't as high as the other (French) children because subjects like history or sciences might be difficult to study in French if it isn't their first language, it showed their level of French and that it is enough to cope in lycee.

Passing the brevet isn't required to enter lycee in my understanding but they do look at the average marks at the end of college. It sounded as if they might get a bit of leeway on the required standards as long as they had the DELF certificates to show that they should be able to cope with further study.

All 'foreign' kids in our schools do the DELF tests. Sometimes they miss those who start from the beginning in French school as they don't realise they are foreign but they catch up with them and send them for them when they realise. They may have missed my eldest because he is quite chatty and people don't realise he is English until he has a reason to speak English.
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