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Talk of social benefits and overseas aid pops up from time to time so I thought I'd mention this fella, Andrew Mwenda, he's Ugandan and talks about foreign aid and its benefits to African nations. I first came across this guy when he gave a 'TED' talk. For those not familiar with TED, they invite speakers to talk on all sorts of topics and the speakers are varied to say the least.

Mwenda gave a talk and 'Bono' heckled him but Mwenda carried on and delivered a great talk in my opinion. Take time to go through the TED video's, its a great way to spend spare time.

Mwenda on TED
Andrew Mwenda takes a new look at Africa | Video on TED.com Watch this first, its shorter but will give you an idea of his ideas.

and at Yale university

I hope you enjoy.
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