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Hi all,

I have done my Bachelor's degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering under Anna university, Chennai , India and I have around 9.8 yrs of exp in software Engineering. I'm planning to submit my ACS for Software Engineer - 261313

So do i need to do with RPL or without RPL ?

Few ppl say that ACS will just deduct 4 yrs of exp and no RPL is required.. others say that 4 yrs + RPL is required. I'm bit confused on this RPL part.

If anyone done Electronics and communication and applied for ACS.. Kindly help.

thank you so much in advance.


There is a fantastic search box on the green belt on each and every page. Everything is in there, you just have to make efforts. Its a gold mine.

To answer your confusion:
You dont have to bother on RPL part. Go ahead and submit assessment. Noone can predict the outcome, however, 'most' of the ECEs have 4 year deducted from work ex - all depends on your subjects

In my case, only 2 years were deducted though i'm ECE as well. I am guessing there are very few cases like that.
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1 - 1 of 8 Posts