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Bbc tv

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Seem to have lost my BBC TV link. I'm I the only one?
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Those channels have moved to Astra 1N. It is correct this is a temporary solution but incorrect the channels will be back.

It's a temporary solution while the new satellites of 2e, 2f and 2g are built, that will be the long term solution and these will have an even narrower beam over the UK so there is a good chance we will lose the vast majority of UK channels via satellite.

There has not been one single report from anyone in Cyprus on the satellite forums that they are receiving the 1N transmission even with 4.2m dishes.

Long term (next year or two) we will receive very few if any UK channels by satellite. If anyone is considering purchasing a dish they should be aware it may well be redundant in a couple of years time!
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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