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Bankruptcy and Visas

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Due to a series of unfortunate events I am in a place whereby I am considering declaring myself bankrupt.

I have a job offer lined up in Dubai but before I start filling out the paperwork, I wanted to find out the repercussions of bankruptcy on my visa application to Dubai - it would be highly embarassing for the new employer to discover this through a declined visa!

The debt I have is not through loans, credit cards, mortgages etc..and once I have wiped the slate clean in England, I will be able to support myself financially.

Any help that can be provided regarding the visa, opening bank accounts in Dubai etc would be most gratefully received.

Many thanks in advance,
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The fact that you may declare yourself bankrupt should not obstruct your VISA in the UAE provided you have a formal job offer.

If you have a formal job offer, your employer can submit a temporary visa which you can print and take with you while traveling. Ask your employer for that arrangement. What is going to happen is that once you land in Dubai, the officer will search for the VISA that was lodged by your employer on your behalf. Your future employer can fill you in with the specifics.

Sorry had forgotten about the banks....

You can open an account wherever you like. If you plan to remit funds overseas, perhaps a bank operating in your country of interest may suit you. Overall HSBC, Barclays, Citibank would do OR you can open in any reputable local banks since they also offer remittance services. Some banks offer different types of account depending on your income.

Bear in mind that laws and regulations in this country are different. For example, ALL banks apply charges/ fees for things you would think that are unthinkable even the international ones.

Hope this helps.
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Thank you so much for your help. I only found this forum today and it has helped beyond belief, or any lawyer I have spoken to!
I am only 25, so not too old for a fresh start, and I think this might be the best route!
Once again, thank you so much - I will sleep much better tonight knowing that with my job offer, I can proceed! Take care, Natasha
You are welcome, but please sort it out with your employer. The process that I described to you was the same process that I went through.

Have a good one and good luck!
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