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Ban on import of used cars with major faults, But!

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On early February this year, the UAE standards authority introduce new law that will ban import, insurance, and registration of used but grossly damaged vehicles and officially applied on May,

Here in UAE, American Specs / US Imported vehicles are too much in the market, and you know what? based on my experience more than 90% are salvage vehicles due to flood, snow... etc, and they are selling them as used vehicles not salvage (from price perspective)

This law is for the new batches, which is means the existing running vehicles are not affected, so if you are looking for us imported vehicle you still needs to do your history check.

You can start with free tools for history check like Salvage Car Checker (Search it in PlayStore), because for most of us if it is salvage then thanks.

If you didn't find anything in the free tool, you can check autocheck or carfax websites, they are the most trusted and oldest providers in the market.
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according to my information this ban is lifted now . that was temporary
Got any actual evidence for that as a one time poster taking a position without any evidence on an issue which looks like a car dealer for broken cars worried about their business about to go under ?
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