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Dear expats,
I am planning to move perth somewhere in 1st quarter 2014. Before we go there physically, I am clearing my stuffs and want to send some used household items from Singapore to perth(door to door). Have hired an air freight service agent who gave me the best market rate for the shipment. However, the agent is asking me to provide passport copy of the person in Australia who will receive the goods (looks unusual ?)
It's clearly mentioned in the B534 form under Clearing Personal effects column that we can specify our name or nominate a representative such as freight forwarder, customs broker, friend, relative etc.
Here I am confused why the agent is asking me to provide the passport copy of my friend as I am paying them for this door to door consignment. When asked them the question they replied saying that it's better to provide pp copy of the recipient else our goods will be stuck in Aus custom resulting some penalty.

Could someone please help me out to understand this process? Especially the B534 form - like what all docs to provide if need to send to friends place and any other important things to note.

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