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If I need to prove that I've been out of the states for 330 days out of a twelve month period to avoid paying a penalty for not having health insurance, does that mean I need to pay for health insurance until the 330 day-limit has been met?

I'm also confused as to how I can establish a residence. I am American born with Irish citizenship, and am living in Europe as a house sitter. That means no particular residence that is mine - no rent - and no documentation except my Irish passport to prove that I am living here and not in the states.

How do I actually go about not buying health insurance without incurring a fine?

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Under the physical presence test, you only need to be outside the US for a period of 330 days in a period of 12 consecutive months. There is no particular proof you have to submit. Though you may have to defer submission of your US tax returns until you have reached the end of the qualifying period, even if it crosses calendar years. This is what most folks do when they are using the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion. There is an example of how to do this in IRS Publication 54 (in connection with the FEIE, but there's no reason that wouldn't be applicable for the ACA).
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