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I am sure that my question would be discussed in detail many times, but as I cant find any discussion topic here yet, I am raising it here.

I am a Skilled Independant Visa holder (189) in Australia. I am trying to bring my wife to Australia (from India) as dependent. I understand that the Visa approval period is about 12 months. Here are my doubts:

1) If I bring her here in tourist visa, what period would the visa be issued - 6 months, or 1 year? And in case its 1 yr, is there a waiting period before I can extend or reapply.

2) Are there any fast track applications for Australia (heard of it for UK)

3) Is it advisable to apply for her own Skilled Independent Visa 189, as it is processed fast. She has enough points to apply. But had already given her details when I applied. But gave as 'not migrating at the moment'.

4) She has a skill which has a good market in Australia. Is there a Work Visa she can apply for, without a sponsor, to come and hunt for job here. (Like in US). If so, will she be able to apply for the dependent visa, in parallel.

Can anyone help me with this.
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