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Australian Skilled Independent 189 VISA in my view

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:):):) Australian Skilled Independent 189 VISA in my view :):):)

:) Requesting to leave this thread in the general viewing area please than moving it to The Platypus Den,
as I will be providing few granular insights which will be helpful for newbies.

Appreciate your cooperation in advance. Please ignore grammar mistakes; spelling mistakes.

Many suggested write a blog; I though its better to write in this forum itself as it helped a lot and its my way of giving something meaningful.

:spit::spit: Take a small cup of tea/coffee/beverage of your choice. :spit: :spit:​

Here we Go....

Now, this is called yet another stale story of GRANT in this forum.

Here, I am writing this. Not just the experience I went through but in the meantime giving some minor tips for which applicants tend to panic.

It all started in 2008/09; when one of colleague came back from a long vacation in the middle of the year. I think, he was on leave for couple of months. When he came back we were surprised to hear his story.

What you travelled to Australia searching for job. How? Why?

That’s when I first heard of Permanent Residency.

Ofcourse, he had got his grant; applied through an agent. He didn’t say much details about the process or how to proceed on getting VISA; except saying you pay the fee and the agent will help you. (It will be fun, if I hear the same comment again :D now ) Even, I was not interested in it at that time and he too was not responding properly. May he was bit frustrated of not getting the job during his two months hunt in Perth (I suppose not sure).

Years rolled, we reached 2013 and kid was born during start of 2013.
Two things prompted me to move out of India.
One, better opportunity for my kid (I hope so).
Two, pure ego, how come most of my friends travelled outside India and I am still sitting here without a single stamping in my passport.

Probably, I was not at the right place at the right time to get a travel. Missed out of many chances narrowly. Not even a revenue stamp in passport!!!

That’s when I got to know this forum and skimmed through it and later joined it.

Ok now what to do, where to start.

Applied for passport re-issue during mid-2013 (passport damaged in 2010), was bit sentimental in not to lose my native address. So, went to the PSK office in native state.

They just kicked me out (figuratively) in the front desk itself  simplest of questions the front desk personal asked, with a very pleasant smile:-
Q.What are you doing sir ? Ans: I am in so and so city, working in so and so company. Q.How many years are you working there, sir? (Again with a smile) For X number of years, I replied. Response: Then you have to get your passport re-issued from that City’s PSK not here. Tata bye bye see you.
Tried my best to convince that person, that I don’t have address proof there, what shall I do, this and that. Nothing doing, not here. You have to get it done where you are currently residing.
OMG, am I going to lose my native state address!!! Was bit worried about it.

Came back to office after couple of days, then one of colleague said boss, why are you so sentiee, just chill and apply here, in your current city, where you have been living for years now.

Even if I have to apply I need some kind of address proof right. I had none till that point of time apart from house registration and a DL with previous rental address. That’s when government was issuing voter ID cards left, right, and center; as some election season was about to come-by. One of my acquaintance said, just give your passport size photo and PAN card, you will get your voter ID card.

FYI: No bribes paid or asked for. Voter ID card was in hand after few weeks.

With this voter ID card and letter from employer went to register for Aadhaar card. Got it done and it came to home, say in a month’s time.
Last but not least, wife said, we are paying heavily on LPG private refill for years continuously. As usual, like any other married man, I was lazy to response for years together.

But, one fine day in mid 2013, when I opened my mail account, there was an ad sent from my apartment housing forum, “Looking for LPG connection, transfer” responded by calling Ad poster’s mobile number, say, within couple of minutes since ad was published. The Ad poster was surprised & shocked by the turnaround time for his Ad.
Negotiated the pricing and I was fine as long I get a subsidized LPG connection. Came to know he too was working in my organization. Finally, asked why you are transferring this connection. He said “I moving out of the country” Where? “AUSTRALIA”. WooooW!!! Was my response. I got someone who could guide me.

Unfortunately, he had finalized his travel plans and was travelling in a week or two from that day. Didn’t want to bother him much as he will be fully occupied in the move. However, he too guided me towards ExpatForum. Also stated the process is quite straight forward, you can do it of your own. (Ah I Forget to mention, I too waste 1.2K on the great assessment by one the so-called reputed migration agent in my city, few weeks back.) Don’t waste your money on agent. Spent an hour or so with him hearing the process, very kind of him to explain the process to me. However, most of things flew over my head. With lot more clarifications and questions :confused2: Still unsure!!!. :fingerscrossed:

Ok then said to myself, boss, lets take one step at a time. Whats next step, getting the LPG connection as address proof. Completed it.

Booked a slot in tatkal for passport re-issue for address change and spouse name endorsement, with all these proofs. (Voter ID, Aadhaar card, LPG connection book, letter from HR, Letter from bank and marriage certificate to add spouse name). Finished police verification on the same day and got the new passport within 5-7 business days.

Got the passport during last month of 3rd quarter, what next!!!
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Thanks buddy.

Still some more work pending trying fill-in those often asked minor queries and ofcourse PCC & Medicals

This is so helpful. Great work nicemathan :)
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Very good thread buddy. Thanks a lot for taking your time to share the information. Qudos!
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What a detailed and nice writeup. It will really be helpful for people like me who are new to this forum.
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Hi bro,
Thanks for the write-up of your experience in detail. You are the one who told me about PTE. Though I haven't cleared my PTE yet, I believe because of you ,I could save a lot of time spending on IELTS. All the best for future endeavour, bro. Thanks a million.
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Kudos !!!! Great work to list even the small things.... It would definitely help us :)

Thank you !!!!
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Thanks buddy as always need all my buddies support :)

Gud wrk Mathan....keep thm rollin....:p
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Thanks mate. Sure I am trying to add few more details soon.

Very good thread buddy. Thanks a lot for taking your time to share the information. Qudos!
Yes, I want a newbie to access all; if not most of the information easily and quickly, to get a picture of what lies ahead.

What a detailed and nice writeup. It will really be helpful for people like me who are new to this forum.
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Ah sure mate. Most welcome ;)

You will certainly clear PTE, just give it bit more practice and plan your strategy.

Hi bro,
Thanks for the write-up of your experience in detail. You are the one who told me about PTE. Though I haven't cleared my PTE yet, I believe because of you ,I could save a lot of time spending on IELTS. All the best for future endeavour, bro. Thanks a million.
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Nice work Mathan :) you have helped me a lot through my visa journey. Eager to see your take on the rest of it!
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Thanks Sree, my treat is pending will catch-up soon. ;)

Kudos !!!! Great work to list even the small things.... It would definitely help us :)

Thank you !!!!
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Thanks Sanjay. :) Yea working on them. Will get it out soon.

Nice work Mathan :) you have helped me a lot through my visa journey. Eager to see your take on the rest of it!
Great going Mathan. Very informative
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Thanks buddy for being so humble ;) :D

Great going Mathan. Very informative
Amazing detailing Manthan, thanks for all the efforts. keep up the great work....waiting for the next updates. :)

Just one query (may be a stupid one..still gonna ask).. in the form wherever the word "Overseas" appears, it means the local India experience right .

Organizing your documents:

I used the following, if it suits your case, go for it.

Point to note : Each applicant can upload 60 files with each not exceeding 5MB.

Suppose, you have uploaded the document in the wrong category, no worries, upload the same document again in the correct category. (Upload under correct category this time ;) )

What if you have not studied in Australia but the mapped category says upload education evidence for Australian Qualification. ?
Leave it out. No need to upload if you haven't studied in Australia.

Similarly, do upload evidence for things which are not applicable for you.

One more example:
Regarding my wife, there are two confusing tabs, "Evidence of Custody", "Evidence of Relationship". For relationship, I can upload the marriage certificate but what do I upload in the custody, which is recommended.?

Upload Mar., Cert, under Evidence of Relationship; leave the other option.

Birth or Age, Evidence of National ID Card - Aadhaar Card

Birth or Age, Evidence of Document of Identity - PAN Card

Birth or Age, Evidence of - Passport / School Mark sheets / Birth certificates

Language Ability - English, Evidence of Pearson Test of English Academic (PTE Academic) PTE-A Result Scorecard

Qualifications - Overseas, Evidence of Educational Certificate (Degree/Diploma etc) - Degree and School related certificates

Qualifications - Overseas, Evidence of Academic Transcripts - Transcripts

Skills Assessment, Evidence of Skills Assessment ACS Assessment Result

Change of Name, Evidence of Statutory Declaration Affidavit on Name ( I submitted this because in few of my documents I had used my initials rather than father's full name as family name. Format for this affidavit given above.

Travel Document Passport - Current Passport

Travel Document Passport - Previous Passport

Work Experience - Overseas, Evidence of Work Reference Statutory Declaration of Roles & Responsibilities

Work Experience - Overseas, Evidence of Work Reference - Offer & relieving letter & Appraisal & increament letters, note for current company no need of relieving letter.

Work Experience - Overseas, Evidence of Other (specify) - Bank statement if the files are more than 5MB break them into parts probably name based on years do the upload.

Work Experience - Overseas, Evidence of Other (specify) - Provident Fund Statement

Work Experience - Overseas, Evidence of Tax Document - Form-16s Part One / two / three

Work Experience - Overseas, Evidence of Tax Document - ITR Part One / two / three

Work Experience - Overseas, Evidence of Payslip - Payslips one per two quarters and last 6 months continuous

Photograph - Other (Use the upload option from the top right hand side)

Character, Evidence of Form 80 Personal particulars for character assessment (download the latest form80 from skillselect documents section)

Character, Evidence of Overseas Police Clearance - National INDIAN PCC

More to come......... please wait....... :):):):)
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Yes your assumption is correct.

Where it says overseas it means anything outside Australia.

Amazing detailing Manthan, thanks for all the efforts. keep up the great work....waiting for the next updates. :)

Just one query (may be a stupid one..still gonna ask).. in the form wherever the word "Overseas" appears, it means the local India experience right .
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VISA Application documentation

The logic behind getting a direct grant [i.e after completing all the document upload you get the grant mail from case officer (CO) of DIBP] is to avoid back and forth communication between you and CO.

However, there are few things to take into account.

If you had read my thread, I had prepared most of my documents during my ACS submission itself.

You need to submit evidence in most cases only for the period for which you are claiming points.

Having said that, there are some queries which are frequently posted by applicants like the following:

Regarding Reference / Experience / R&R Letter:

I got my assessment letter last year (hypothetical situation) and after that I changed my company do I need to get a new experience or R&R certificate?

If you are in the same company and continuing in the same role use the same R&R letter which you used for ACS; but provide evidence that you are still continuing in the same organization in the same role by uploading pay slips; IT returns; Bank statement. No need for new R&R letter.

However, you happen to change the company but your new R&R is still the same as previous R&R projected to ACS and matching with the job code applied. Still no need to get a fresh R&R letter, include the relieving letter from previous company; offer letter from current company and provide pay slips; IT returns(in-case you have completed the IT cycle); Bank statement for the period post ACS assessment.

On the contrary, you have switched to a new role which is totally deviating from the job code you applied for ACS. Then provide evidence only till the month and year you continued in that role post ACS assessment. Still no need for fresh R&R letter. But, while filling the VISA application fill-in the current employment details and mark it as not relevant. Don’t worry CO will not ask for why there is no evidence? As you are not going to claim any points for those few months. I suppose, you might be confused now. Read the line again slowly you will get it.

Pay Slips:

Do I need to submit all the payslips for the relevant work experience accept by ACS ? (remember the ACS letter which says after June 2009)
Try to upload 1 per quarter or 1 per two quarters and continuous last 6 months.

My old company was paying me in cheque or cash, what shall I do?
Try to get a letter from the payroll team or HR team regarding the same in company letter head and upload the salary statement with breakups like HRA; basic etc.

No no my company is closed, how shall I go about it?
Difficult situation, try to do a research in this forum and identify similar forum members to get it clarified.

IT Returns:

I was below the tax slab, what to do?

State the same in an affidavit and attach the salary statement and pay slip if possible.
I was very careless in keeping my IT returns or acknowledgements, how do I get it?
Create an ID in income ta department site and using your PAN card number try to retrieve previous tax filling details online. Home This is what I heard from few of my colleague, I have not do it. Give it a try, it is possible it seems.


walk-in to your city’s income head office or tax filling office and get it clarified. Where there is a will there is a way. Why to take such pains, the more clear and précis documentation, your case will be become more stronger and clearer for CO to assess.

Provident Fund Statement:

How can I get it?

If you are working for a top MNC, your payroll department will certainly have this information. Check if you could get from internal sites in your company’s payroll site. IF not walk-in to them and get it.

My company doesn’t have this level of documentation?

Try and have a word with the administrative department, whether it is possible to check how much PF you have got and try to take a print out of it. If not leave it. I did submitted it as I had it in my company.

Bank Statement:

How do I get it from the bank?

Call up the customer and tell them I want the bank statement from so and so date to till now. They will readily give it to you as you are a corporate customer. Also tell them to put a bank seal on each page and if possible a signature of a bank official. They will get it done.

Should I have to notarize these bank statements?

I would say no, I uploaded the bank state color scan copies which reflected my salary credit.


you can take a photocopy and notarize the pages.

Note: You need to upload only for the years which ACS has deemed as relevant.

I made a pdf file per year and uploaded it with a naming convention <Applicant_Name>_BankName_Year.pdf

What if, I had changed the bank and forgot my account number?

Difficult again, try to call-up customer care try to get your bank details.


walk-in to the branch where you had the account and provide your mobile number which you had been using while having the account and speak to the customer manager. Anything is possible as long as you don’t give-up.

Bank statement is not absolute mandatory document but it is always good to have enough proofs. As you can see CO’s might be handling several Indian applicants. So, that might be used to few set of documents which most applicants submit and there are chances they might expect the same from you too in a worst case scenario.

National ID card, what shall I upload?

Upload Aadhaar card (from an Indian applicant prospective) and PAN card. More than enough, no need for driving license or medical insurance card or ration card.

Why only Aadhaar & PAN card?

Aadhaar card can be verified in online and likewise PAN card number will be there all over your pay slips; form 16s; IT returns, which makes your case more authentic.

Apart from that I suppose, rest all documentation will be the same as used for ACS in-terms of education; offer and relieving letters, no need for fresh notary. As long as you want to give the notary guy some more business;):D

ACS & English Exam evidence:

Upload the pdf file you received from ACS, no need for notary sign, similarly the color scan of IELTS score card or the pdf file from PTE-A score card.

Thumb rule is straight forward for all documents to be uploaded in immi account.
Either upload color scan copies or original pdf files else take a Xerox/photocopy and get them notarized and upload.


I uploaded it, its up to you to do it or not.

Go to any of the standard photo studio in your location and tell them you want a passport size photograph for Australian VISA purpose, they will get it done. I guess some 70% face should be there.

But these photo studio guys charge hefty price for it. :confused2:

Take a scan of the photo and label it. Ok how do I label it? While taking the scan take a small print out of your name and keep it below the photo and scan it.

So here is the list of documents which I had uploaded:

  • All company offer letters
  • All company relieveing letter, no need for current company as you will not have it, correct right !!!
  • Experience / Reference / R&R letter either in company letter head or Statuary declaration
  • Degree Certificate; College transfer certificate; Provisional Certificate; Course completion certificate; Conduct certificate
  • Passport (Previous & Current); if there are any VISA labels; check-in and check-out stampings do include that too.
  • Consolidated mark sheet aka transcripts
  • School certificates like 10th & 12th mark sheets & Transfer certificate
  • Form 16s (Its an income tax document given in India)
  • IT Returns
  • Bank Statement
  • Pay slips
  • Provident Fund statement
  • Photographs
  • ACS assessment letter
  • PTE-A / IELTS / anyother accepted English exam score card
  • Affidavit on Name change if any
  • Form 80 (I didnt upload Form 1221; incase if you account is mapped with it; fill and upload only for adults; I will try write about Form80 soon)
  • Birth certificate, if you have. (I guess if you DOB is before 1989, Indians can use their school marksheets as DOB evidence, not 100% sure, but I didnt submit it)

I hope these information helps. Please look forward to few more stuffs Medicals; PCC; and supplementary forms in the coming days. :) :)

Need a break now, typed too much, I suppose. Sorry for such a long write-up

I might have missed a few things, use this as a reference but dont regiment-ally follow as each applicants has their own case by case scenarios ;) ;) ;)
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Nice writeup.

Let me add a few points:

Tax related: Google search how to download 26AS against your PAN number. Applicants have had success with 26AS. It replaces your Form 16, ITR, etc. With 26AS you will not need anything else related to tax documentation. Helps if you were lazy (like me) to file returns.

Bank statement from closed account: Walk-in to the bank branch (any branch) and find a friendly face there. Tell them your PAN number and they should be able to pull out your statements from the account- even if it is closed. I could get mine all the way back from 2002 till 2005. The account was closed in 2005.
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Gud wrk Mathan.

Just let me add 1 more thing.

If you have Offer letter, Reference Letter & Company Stamped Payslips, nothing else is needed, neither tax documents nor bank statement (Worked in my case and plenty of others I know).

This is for those who are always worried about old tax documents and closed bank statements.
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