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Hello. I am born in Australia but now live in Switzerland. I have also taken on Swiss nationality-that is a I have dual citizenship-Australia and Switzerland.

I am considering writing a last testament but it is complicated because I have dual citizenship and the inheritance laws are different in both countries. From what I understand any fixed assets ( land,house etc) that I have in Australia will be covered by Australian laws and non-fixed assets-money in Bank in Australia will be covered by Swiss law.

Would it be enough if I simply wrote one will ( Australian ) to cover only the fixed assets and then a second ( Swiss ) to cover the non fixed assets that I have in Australia AND Switzerland.

I got a quote from my Australian solicitor for 3000 dollars to prepare the will which seems to me pretty expensive. Then I need a Swiss solicitor so that would be more costs on top.

Could I do this myself with an Australian " will kit".

Thanks for any advice. Keith Dean
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