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Hello, first post! We have been away since March 24 and return between January-March 2016 on a gap year. Our family consists of my husband, two sons aged 7 & 10 and myself. We bought a camper in Germany, and have done part of Germany, France and Italy.

We have a dream to live in a semi rural house with garden in Italy, likely Veneto region...or elsewhere. I have an EU passport (parents born in England) and the rest of the family have a Permesso disa giorgno so we can be here for a year. We are wanting our boys to go to school from September and hopefully pick up the language.

We have met some lovely and helpful locals and have talked to some agencies about a short term rental for 6 months. Impossible with agencies as they want a long term rental, even though you can break the agreement earlier. It seems to be who you know etc. Neither of us have italian backgrounds but my husband can speak the language.

Any suggestions on the house front? We of course are in the holiday period which is not helping....and it's stinking hot! Looking at Veneto, Umbria etc.

Thanks for any assistance.

Danielle & Matt
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