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Hi Guys, I applied for a student visa with my dependents (spouse and a kid) and got rejection. My scenario is I am working since 2011 and did a bachelor's in 2013 and a masters in Computer Science in 2021 from my home country. Now I applied for master in IT and Systems in Australia and studied one semester online while waiting for visa processing. But I got rejection from VO and reasons are following.
  • In considering whether the applicant met the genuine temporary entry criterion I had regard to the following factors, consistent with clause 500.212 and Ministerial Direction No 69. The factors were used to weigh up the applicant's circumstances as a whole, in reaching a finding about whether they satisfy the genuine temporary entrant criterion.
  • I have given regard to the applicant’s circumstances in their home country. The applicant is married with one child. The applicant completed their most recent education Master of Science in Computer Science March 2021 in their home country. I place weight on the fact the applicant has been employed in their home country since April 2011 as XXXX in IT Directorate at XXXXX. In their application, they have not clearly demonstrated the benefit undertaking the proposed courses in Australia would provide to their career prospects given that they are gainfully employed. I therefore have concerns as to the applicant’s incentive to return to their home on completion of their proposed studies in Australia.
  • I have given regard to the applicant’s circumstances in Australia. The applicant is proposing to undertake Master of Information Technology and Systems. I note the applicant has significant family ties in Australia as they have indicated their brother and sister reside in Australia. I acknowledge family connections to Australia can be a positive factor and legitimately influence a student’s decision to study in Australia. However, when I consider the applicant’s family ties in Australia in conjunction with other aspects set out in this record, I have serious concerns that these ties reduce the applicant’s incentive to return home on completion of their studies. I consider the presence in Australia of these family members as a potential incentive to remain in Australia, which is not outweighed by the fact that other dependent family members reside in their home country. I note the applicant’s spouse and child are included in the application; I place weight on this. When I consider this in conjunction with other concerns set out in this decision record, I find that having their immediate family in Australia with them reduces the applicant’s incentive to return home on completion of their studies. I acknowledge the applicant’s genuine temporary entrant (GTE) statement provides information on the chosen provider in Australia and on the course they propose to undertake. However, I find that while the applicant has provided information on alternate options of education providers in Australia, their GTE statement does not sufficiently outline the research they have conducted to gather this information. Therefore, I am not satisfied they have conducted sufficient research into education options available to them in and outside Australia which would be expected of a genuine student.
  • for undertaking their intended courses of study in Australia. The applicant states on completion of their academic qualifications they foresee themselves undertaking challenging assignments in a multinational company in their home country. However the applicant has not demonstrated a clear and substantial improvement arising from the proposed study to warrant the substantial expenses associated with international education. Further, they have not clearly demonstrated how the proposed course would benefit their future remuneration level significantly enough to warrant the expenses they would incur while in Australia.
    Accordingly, I am not convinced that the proposed course will add value to the applicant’s future. I give weight to apparent lack of value of the course to the applicant’s future, which indicates that their primary motivation for pursuing this course may be other than the quality of education in Australia. Therefore, I am not satisfied that the applicant has demonstrated the value of the proposed courses to their future.

  • What should I do now? Reapplying alone with a change in institute and course is worth it? Thank you

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