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Playing devil's advocate here.

I believe this is a positive step. It's not against immigration - it attracts the right people to permanently settle and contribute to the country. To be honest, the quality of immigrants, at least a large percentage of us, heading over to Australia is appalling. Most have never even stepped foot in the country to begin with, what more to say about the struggles of assimilation and whether they can translate well into the workforce.

If we can't survive through a provisional visa, then I don't think we deserve settling in the country permanently.

And trust me, implementing this visa will not reduce the country's overall competitiveness, be it economically or otherwise. It'll aid in getting the right people in.

My 2c.
I agree, sort of. First the agreement: I have to agree that the current visa system is allowing a large percentage of appalling candidates through. It's also negative for the candidates who will return to boards such as these decrying being unable to get a job. I have found the whole process to be a very blunt instrument in general. I do not, for one moment, believe that Australia needs thousands of IT and Accountancy grads from unremarkable universities with near zero experience and a poor grasp of English. But the points system delivers them. ACS in particular is struggling to identify value.

On the other hand, Australia needs to recognise that migrating across the ocean is not a trivial matter. Most of us will be burning bridges to some degree. The idea that after a few years some hurdle must be crossed would dissuade many, especially candidates with families (who will tend to be older and with more experience -> which is what the market is demanding). I would not have started this journey if I thought that in 3 years I could be ejected through some hit and miss visa process. I couldn't risk doing that to my children.

For me, I think the provisional period won't make much difference. Those who are going PR, want to stay. Those who don't succeed, leave. And once they leave, Australia has lost nothing. If Australia want to smarten up the Visa process, it's straightforward: sort out the skills assessments, sort out the granularity (or lack thereof) of skills groups, make the point scoring far more nuanced for in-demand skills.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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