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Hello Everyone,

i have a query related to the immigration process. I have a 14 years education , did my bachelors in commerce ( 2 years bachelor )

Now the Query is whatever skill i apply for needs 16 years education ( As per the immigration agencies i applied to ). I want to know if there is possible any way i can apply for the immigration having my 14 years education background or the list of skilled if any one can let me know.

will be really helpful !
You got a bachelor degree and I have seen people got PR with just high school degree + Trade Certificate/Diploma and relevant skills/work experience.

What usually would happens is, you may not be able to claim education points, but I am yet to read anywhere in DIBP it says you need 16 years of education which I am not sure what that means.

You need to get your skills assessed first. If you can manage that, then you are ready to lodge EOI given other factors like how many points you can manage from various sectors.

I will suggest you read this. And if you search expatforum + google, you may be able to do the whole thing by yourself.


New list here : https://www.legislation.gov.au/Details/F2017L00850


1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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