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Dear All,
I need some guidance regarding Australia Immigration, I read some of the stuff and some how I do have some Idea about the process to get Invitation.

But still lots of Question and area's are there that i couldn't find or understand. I need to ask question any one who know about that , Please guide me.

Some Basic Information about me so you can guide me properly.

My name is Talal Javaid
38 age,
From Pakistan
Currently living and working in United Arab Emirates - Dubai in a field of IT from past 9 years.
I had done my B-Com (2 years) from Karachi university
Masters in Computer Science (2 years) from Al Khair University.
Total 16 year education.

I understand that i have to attest my degrees to ACS so they can access my degree's and Experience documents and send me my points that I deserver

I understand i need to get at least 7 band to ilets to get eligible .

Now Question are.

1. All the above Information is regarding myself, but if i am applying with my wife and children. What is the difference. what other document are required. any link that give some detail information about immigration process with the family.

2. My Wife has 4 year Bachelor Degree. But No experience in job. Does this benefit me.

3. Does my wife need to get the ilets exam. if yes how much Band required. Can this be exempted. any way.

4. Any Email from Australian Immigration where If i have some question related to my form submission or any Immigration related query. I can ask them.

Thanks for the help and guidance.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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