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Aussie moving to Paris in July-though still having no luck with accommodation & job!


I'm a 29y/o Aussie who works in the fashion industry (buying) in Sydney and have decided to quit my life in Sydney and move to Paris for a year on a working holiday visa. I have the visa application pretty much down pat so that's no longer an issue, but the job and accommodation I was hopign to secure has fallen through, now I'm at my wits end trying to find my way through many french job and accommodation websites but have had no luck. Is there anyone that has been in the same situation able to offer some advice?

My job experience covers everything from hotels, tourism and ofcourse fashion retail and buying. My French is minimal, though I have stayed in Paris and lived in the South of France before so I know enough to confidently get aroudn a big city. I really need to find a job before I go otherwise my finances will dwindle quite quickly.

Accommodation is another issue, I had hoped to rent an apartment from a friend at a very cheap rate though it is no longer available. In Australia we have many flat sharing websites, is there something similar in Paris? I would ofcourse love to have an apartment by myself though I know it would cost and arm and a leg, and if not be very nasty. I would be happy to share, I may even consider one of the nasty apartments depending on the price.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read my post, any advice or comments you can offer would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks again,

Not wishing to dampen your enthusiasm, but it really is difficult - if not impossible - to find employment while still on the other side of the world. It's tough enough for people who actually live here and can attend interviews.

On top of this not speaking French with any fluency is a major handicap. Virtually everything work-wise is in French, and that's not about to change. It's a question of pride for the French.

Sure, there are menial jobs available where your command of French is less important, but even there communication with fellow employees will be in French, and there are plenty of unemployed French-speakers who will be competing for the same work.

Beyond this you could have tried applying for seasonal work in the French Alps, but it's a few months late now. There some positions are sorted on the strength of written applications, without interviews. People usually start applying for these from September, with work starting early December, through to the end of April.

Accommodation? Well I don't know about 'nasty', but it depends on your budget. How much are you hoping to spend on rent each month?

Sorry to be a 'wet blanket', but unless you are highly qualified in a domain where there are shortages of employees (few and far between in the present economic climate) you'll struggle to find any interest while you are still 'down under', and your French is only basic.
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