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Hi guys ,

Since most of you all here have done the medical , I will post the question here .

Last week I did my medicals and BMI is 30 ( above 29.9 is obese ) my panel doctor highlighted only this as an issue . Even though i had a sudden BP of 141/80 , he told since i never had history of BP and due to stress and clinical condition the BP is fine .

Later i went to another doctor and measured after next day it is 129/79 , it can be clinic stress.

So only BMI is highlighted , I don't worry too much since did a very recent full body checkups and my kidney /lungs /cardio and all fine . So even they ask for additonal tests there wont be issues.

I am just concerned for BMI above 29.9 do they refer to MOH and ask for additional tests , because it will increase the waiting time . I am sure some of us more than this range please share your experience Thanks
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