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Aussie IT Professional looking to work In Dubai

Hi Everyone,

Just signed up. My First post yah!!!

I am interested in getting away for a few year/s to work and live in the UAE.

I am seeking work as an IT professional specifically in Network Engineering. Currently i am a Senior Information Manager for a major IT firm in Australia. I have worked in other positions over the past 10 years as a Solutions Architect and a Network Administrator.

My current salary is $125,800 PA

My questions are:-

What salary can i expect for my experience in UAE or what would be the on the same pay scale as i am currently on in Australia?

Does the employer normally pay for rent as a part of your salary package?

If i see an ad for a position of 35,000 pm can i negotiate for other benefits?

I currrently pay $400pw rent and bring home 2700pw
I also own an investment property which i wish to keep when i leave.

I have sent my resume to a number of recruiters in UAE. Is this the correct way to apply for jobs or is it better to email direct with the companies.

My uncle owns a house in Dubai as he travels all over the world running his own event management company.

Any feedback would be most helpful.
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