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Hello All,

I have a very strange question to ask... I really appreciate any suggestions or advice

If someone has Aus PR, and have got a company transfer to Auckland from their Native country, as everyone might be knowing that Aus PR holder is allowed to work in New Zealand. Now comes the tricky part

1. Can He/She book a transit flight from their home country to Sydney(transit) and finally to Auckland... Does this help in Aus PR Visa stamping and validation ?

2. Second option is to Book a similar Transit flight from Sydney with a transit duration of stay of about 5 hours or more, As soon as they land in Sydney, they can come out of the airport because they have Aus PR Visa, they would be allowed to leave airport.. and after an hour they can enter the airport again and take the their transit flight to Auckland.. This way they would be forced to go through Immigration process which would help in visa validation and stamping...

Please suggest..

Our only concern is before landing in Auckland how to make sure The AUS immigration systems have recorded there initial entry to AU.

Thanks in Advance

If you have a PR to gain entrance to Australia you must land in Australia to validate it, being in transit does not count. If you are in transit it does not register that you have entered Australia! Also you cannot exit the transit area of the airport if you are in transit only.

But I need to STRESS we are not Immigration experts so the question should really be referred to the Dept of Immigration for Australia.

At the end of the day your actions will determine the outcome of whether you can live or work in either country so my advice would be to ask the question to the relevant authority Dept of Immigration & not rely on advice from a forum that could not be correct. Too much at stake. You cannot bend the rules with Immigration.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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