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hi friends

i have attended for US H1 visa thrice and i did not get it. i never went back to them again. do you think that this is going to be problem?

now am planning to go for 175 or 176. i got 6.5 in ielts and my wife 5.5. is that ok. my total marks seems to be 125 and am in CSL.

please advice if i can go for 175 first and then change it to 176. we have recently been blessed with baby girl and am waiting for her passport. Is it ok to submit her or add her in the application later.

i am not using any agent. Please advice ?

I dont think so H1 rejection would cause problems but in the application form, they would ask you whether you have been rejected visa from any other country. Here you have to state in detail why you were rejected and on what grounds.

I think IELTS score need to be minimum of 7 in each module for the main applicant. This is what immi tells

"IELTS Test Report Form (TRF) Number to show you have a band score of at least seven (7) on each of the four (4) components – speaking, reading, listening and writing"

I think minimum of 7 is kind of mandatory unless you are a native speaker.

It is always better to have your baby's passport details while submitting your application. You also need to submit her birth certificate and the passport's bio pages. That is what we did when my chap was born.

1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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