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After nearly three months, much head scratching, especially about the mythical CO2 measurement that nobody does but is now needed for bikes in Spain and nearly 900 euros later my bike is fully matriculated. I only have to nip down to the car parts place this morning, get a plate, throw it on the bike and that's that:clap2:

Was it worth it? To me, yes. The bike is nowt special really but I'd spent quite a bit getting it how I want it, we couldn't have done the move without it and the experience gained about how various things work (or not:D) over here was dead handy.

My advice to anyone wanting to bring a bike over here from blighty is that unless it's something special to you sell it over there & buy another over here. They are more expensive in Spain but it's a lot less hassle:cool: (I seem to remember someone on here telling me exactly the same thing months ago;))

The end of a saga:clap2:............ however, the mortgage we're trying to get is rapidly turning into another one ..........................:confused::confused2:

Well Bikes aint my thing Doggy - I know nothing about them at all (other than crash helmets make your hair flat!!!) .... but I can tell you are overjoyed! so well done in getting it sorted!

You can share biking anecdotes now with Xtreme! how much fun will that be ...........yawn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D:D:D:D

Sue x :)
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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