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Yesterday I decided to take 'Le Plunge' and invest in a new computer for the business, courtesy of Apple.

I had studied their site for a couple of weeks, alongside Darty & FNAC (who were cheaper for certain models).

I wanted to pay a few hundred up front and finance the rest over a reasonable period. The on-site payment calculator was checked & away I went.

When directed to the finance side the figures suddenly showed an increase of about 9€/month for 'assurance facultative' - optional insurance - ( for what I don't know). Presumably it's like the PPI scam that was run back home.

I didn't proceed & cancelled the order this morning (you can't cancel online :rolleyes: ).

No problem to cancel, but I had researched some info last night in case there was:

If the insurance is indeed optional then you are not forced to take it (but you probably won't get the loan).

If it's not optional then it must, by law, be included in the interest rate which they are showing. The added insurance would have doubled the interest paid.

This is obviously the idea, but it left a bad taste of Rotten Apple and I'm re-considering my purchase with them.

I also didn't reach an option to make a down payment. Is a 100% loan normal here?

Has anyone got any experience with taking a loan?
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