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Hi Team,

I am a newbie to expat forum and desperately seeking advice from the experts.

I was assessed as an electronic engineer by EA on 11th Jan 2010, recently I planned to apply for PR (took a while to clear IELTS), for which I need to ASCO code to ANZSCO. This happened on 5th feb 2013.

I have lodged EOI for 189 visa on 23rd June 2013, unfortunately, after which electronics engineer was moved to pro-rate basis. With 60 points my hope of getting an invite is impossible.

Alternatively, I have submitted another set of CDR to assess my qualification as electrical engineer.

I completed my bachelor degree in electronics and communication engg and did masters in electrical and electronics engineering in victoria university, Melbourne.

As I am working as an instrumentation trainer, I am unable to bring that in for assessment.

My query is,

Is it ok to submit for another assessment, while holding an assessment in hand?
If ok, will I be assessed as an electrical engineer irrespective of my bachelor qualification? In other words, is assessment result is based on qualification, or the CDR we submit.
If as per qualification, whether it is based on Bachelor or masters?
Please shed some light on the above queries
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