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Hello all,
I intend to travel to Lanzarote for christmas and I am not clear if or not it an international flight from Madrid.

The reason why that fact is important to me is because I am currently renewing my Spanish residence card (and that should take about 3 months-sometime in Feb). Beyond that, I recently had a baby whose document is yet to be processed (he has a passport, but no Spanish residency document---he is just a month old). While my document is being processed, I can only leave the country if I possess some police clearance, which takes time and cost money.

If I was travelling to Barcelona or Cadiz, I am certain that won't be problem, because it is a "domestic" flight.
But Lanzarote is an "international" flight and I am required to go through immigration, or rather "re-enter" Spain, then the police clearance conversation becomes relevant.

Relevant comments will be appreciated.
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