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I am 22 and have been trying to find an apprenticeship in England for the past couple of years and quite frankly it's been like banging my head against a brickwall , I have sent out hundreds of letters and all to no avail.

The main reason that it is so frustrating is that once I have completed an apprenticeship I plan to move to Australia with the qualifications and make a life out there with my girlfriend.

I saw the other day on an Australian employment website that there are quite a lot of apprenticeship jobs going in my chosen trade (boilermaker) in Melbourne and was wondering if the Aussie's struggle to fill these roles, because there are quite a lot being advertised, and if they do struggle to find apprentices wether there is any chance of me getting sponsored as an apprentice?

I appreciate that it is a long shot but it just feels like if you live in England and you want do something other than academic based jobs you stand no chance.


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