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Applying with disability benefits.

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hi guys
me and my English girlfriend got married about two months ago in morocco after a 4 year relationship and we are planing to apply for a spouse visa for me to join her in England so we can live together . but the problem is we haven't got a clue where to start as we know that the sponsor has to earn 18.600 p to be able to sponsor the applicant .but she doesn't earn that because she doesn't work . she is on disability benefits (pip and esa)
but we think that she might be exempt from earning the 18.600 threshold but we are not sure. is she is we need a list of documents that are gonna be needed .
please help !
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So understand that the sponsor needs to have left each week 113.70 plus the family premium witch is 17.45 pounds is that correct ?
Can somebody reply to my post please
Your best option is to read the UK immigration website.
And no use any of the visa companies.
I read what is on the home office website but there are still some things that aren't clean to me and my wife . For example does my sponsor has to earn 113.70 plus the family premium witch is 17.45 or just the 113.70 p a week ?
It's £114.85 per week after paying for rent/mortgage and council tax. All the benefit payments can be included. Don't add £17.45 if you don't have children.
Thankyou for your answer I have two questions please . Does the applicant need a police or criminal records or that's not required ? And about the bank statements for sponsor who is on esa and pip. Do we need 6 months bank statements showing the benefits being paid Into the account or just one month bank statements ?
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