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Hello Community,

My girlfriend is a Hong Kong citizen but resides in South Africa.

She is applying for the 417 Working Holiday Visa in South Africa.

When she does her online application it asks her to choose yes or no for "I am a resident of Hong Kong SAR and I certify that I am lodging this visa application from Hong Kong"

1) Should she just select Yes even though she is in South Africa?

2) This follows from question 1: One of the questions in the online application states "We may interview you, should this be needed which office will you go to?"

>>>There is no South Africa and only a HK SAR option in the drop down menu. (What are you suggests to overcome this?

Kind regards,

You dont always get interviewed, most dont in fact especially for a whv. She shouldn't lue about where she is resident. Just choose nearest office and hope for the best. If she is a resident dont worry about it just apply, that can be verified with the SA government.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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