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Applying for a provisional driving license

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Sorry if this question is been asked for many times.

I am planning to apply for a provisional driving license. Ive been in the uk for 5 month and half now i requested a D1 form in the gov.uk.site and it said i receive it within 8 to 10 days. Im just wondering. What documents i need to provide. Im currenty holding SPOUSE VISA LEAVE TO ENTER in the UK.
Im confused about. Weather i will send my philippine passport and my BRP. or its ok if i only send one of the identity proof i mention?

Also it said if the documents is from outside the uk. Which im thinking my passport is from phil. But my brp is issue by the uk immigration.
So im thinking my brp is a document ISSUE from the uk.
Is this correct?

Where should i send my d1 form and identity proof if im sending BRP? Not my passport?
Should i sent it in DVLA Swansea SA99 1AD?

Thank you i hope someone could help me
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You need to send both your passport (proof of identity) and BRP (proof of right to reside in the UK)

Yes, they get sent to the Swansea address

Clever, I was told that you could send either, passport or the BRP card and no need to sent both.

As from 2004, DVLA checks applicant's status with the Home Office. So on that note, sending either one would suffice their ID requirement makes sense.

If you don’t have an EU or EEA passport, you’ll need to send in a visa that proves you have permission to live in the UK.
A passport by itself does not contain this information anymore (as of 2015 when BRPs replaced in-passport visa stickers), therefore you must also send your BRP with your identity document (passport).
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if you read grasshopper33's reply on page 3, you would know what I mean :)

Link: http://www.expatforum.com/expats/br...ing-uk/1304362-driving-licence-process-3.html

'I just sent the BRP in, figuring it would be easiest to replace. It was returned to me in the mail yesterday and my provisional license arrived today separately'.
If you're only going to send in one document, it should be the BRP, not passport alone (unless of course the passport contains your full visa) because the BRP is a valid identity document AND shows immigration status

I've heard of people having a variety of experiences with DVLA and accepted documents, though
One question. Is BRP is a document from the UK? Coz im confuse, i collected my brp in the post office when i arrive in the UK so im guessing brp is a document inside the uk. Not outside the uk. Coz there is two different address of swansea where you will send the form and identity proof. One isDVLA SWANSEA SA99 1AD for documents from UK and the other is DVLA SWANSEA SA99 1AF for document from outside the UK.
And also how can i pay the fee. I am applyinh through post.
I didnt know that i have to include cheque payment if im applying through post. I already ordered a D1 form. Can i just not used it when it arrived and just go through online application.
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